What A Month. Wins All Around!

First, Jess Martinez–the Vanilla Gorilla–dominated his fight at Buffalo Thunder at Jackson’s Mixed Martial Arts series. Second, Santa Fe Fitness and Martial Arts competitor, Josiah Reyes, finished his fight with an arm-bar at the same event. A week later, Jesse Urbina took 1st at Fight to win in Denver, and Michael Urbina took a medal in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Denver, (also bringing home the bacon the very next weekend at a Gracie tournament in Albuquerque), as did Josh, Nas Kapeluk, and Renae Lee. Congrats to everyone who competed. Proud of the team!

Jess02-18-Jacksons fight

Josiah Reyes

Michael Urbina


Jesse Urbina


The Vanilla Gorilla, Jess Martinez

He makes us proud! Who? SFBJJ & SF Fitness & Martial Arts’ own, homegrown superhero, Jess Martinez of course. The Vanilla Gorilla, Fight to Win 56 Winner, King of the Cage Champion, and MMA wonder, trains here at Santa Fe Fitness & Martial Arts, and Santa Fe Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. More details soon, but if you want to see Jess fight, save the date: February 24th, 2017, Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino. jesscombo